HiAP 2018
A Strategy for Improving Population Health
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HiAP 2018
A Strategy for Improving Population Health
6th of February 2018
Royal Society of Medicine, London
Health in All Policies (HiAP) is an approach to policies that systematically and explicitly takes into account the health implications of the decisions we make; targets the key social determinants of health; looks for synergies between health and other core objectives and the work we do with partners; and tries to avoid causing harm with the aim of improving the health of the population and reducing inequity.

It is now over three years since councils took on responsibility for public health and health and wellbeing boards (HWBs) took on their statutory role. Councils have welcomed their new role. Having secured a safe transition, they are now moving into a phase of transformational change. Success will depend on getting healthy policies embedded in all aspects of what a council and its partners do or, put simply, the extent to which councils become genuine public health councils.

HWBs will continue to play a crucial role in building constructive relationships between departments, the NHS, local government and partners, including the voluntary sector, communities and other bodies. The HWBs’ ability to bring the right people together in order to have coherent conversations which lead to decisions and action across the determinants will be crucial.

The HiAP 2018 conference is not focusing on public health taking over the remit of other areas, but about ensuring that through the transference of best practice methodology there is a common understanding of health and health inequalities across councils, NHS settings and community care.

Providing a common way of analysing the health impact of the range of council functions and a common commitment to maximising the positive health impact of all of these functions, exercising them in a way that will reduce inequalities. It is important that this approach is led by the most senior elected and executive council members through to all lower level personnel across the whole of the organisational activities and our conference is therefore applicable for a range of organisations and individuals to attend.

The idea of looking at the health impact of the whole of a council’s functions is not new – indeed it was one of the drivers for the development of local government in this country. But a systematic, evidence- based approach to HiAP does mean, for some councils, a review of the way they do business, and the development of new collective approaches towards shared ambitions.

The HiAP 2018 conference will serve to provide help for local authority and NHS decision makers to determine their own specific needs and challenges. Sharing insight on how best to collate evidence, identify impacts, take action and prioritise interventions.


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